New Moon Intentions

The magic ingredient to make your dreams come true.

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Why intentions?

Setting Intentions is becoming clear about the life experience you want to create.

Regular reflexion about different aspects of your life can help you focus and further develop yourself.

Luna Life helps you in the process and at the same time presents you with an ancient technique to achieve the best results possible.

More about: how to set new moon intentions.

Why intentions?


The new moon is the first lunar phase, when the sun shines the moon behind and the lunar disk is not visible for us. It happens approximately every 28,5 days, each time in a different zodiac sign.

It means that every time a new moon happens, the sun (our essence), the moon (our feelings) and one of the twelve zodiac sign with their own energy are aligned. This is why since ancient times people have been using this magic powerful moment to plant seeds, dreams and plans.

Is this for you?

We believe there are three perspectives on new moon intentions: dreamer, pragmatic and mixed.

If you are a dreamer and believer start writing down your wishes and send them to the moon every month. This will raise your awareness and help to make your dreams come true!

If you are rather pragmatic and don’t believe in magic, you can still commit to your intentions once a month, following the different topics that include all possible aspects in life.

If you believe that the combination of personal commitment and the power of the moon have the strongest effect, do both: Commit to your intentions and trust that the magic will happen.

This may be the most powerful way to make your dreams come true.

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Is this for you?

Give it a try!

The App

The LunaLife App will support your personal process this way:


It will present the topic best to address in the current period (sign) and it will guide you through the intention setting process.


It will remind you when it is time to set your intentions, when to focus on your intentions, and when is the time to review your achievements.


It will save your wishes or/and intentions with their pictures every month giving you the read thread of your dreams.


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